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Vietnamese Cuisine: Freshness, Tradition and Taste



Good, healthy and genuine food has become very important nowadays. Vietnamese food isn’t only meant to be tasty. Its origin is also a focal point. And it’s sometimes hard to trace that when you’re eating out. At the ANJOY therefore I’m cooking myself. For years, I’ve been cooking for my family. But now it’s time to share my family’s cooking skills with you. I love the manifoldness of the spices from my home-country. Due to the historic French influences there’s always a portion “Gourmet” and a high standard for the ingredients. No matter if it comes down to the sauces or the pickled vegetables – I only trust in my family’s recipes. We only use the best ingredients at ANJOY. Throw in the magical spices and fresh herbs and you’ll find an extraordinary culinary experience. That’s what makes ANJOY so special. Simple, genuine cuisine with the best ingredients. See for yourself and come in.

Your Mom



Dive into a world where freshness and tradition are our focus. Experience a wellness-oasis for your palate in the center of Berlin. At ANJOY you can relax in a casual atmosphere while you’re enjoying treats from south-east Asia. Leave your daily grind behind and discover the culinary manifoldness of Asia. The fresh taste experience from Vietnam!



Enjoy the fragrant spices of my home country, let your soul stray through new tastes and feel like home at the same time. Expect taste, freshness, quality and kindness from your first step into our world! Leave the bustle of the capital behind and let us take you on a delicious journey to Vietnam.

Our Team


Good service is invaluable and should be self-evident. I don’t want you to simply quench your hunger – I want you to have a small timeout and holiday from your everyday-life. That requires more than just good food – it requires a relaxing atmosphere and a dedicated team serving you. My team and myself are looking forward to having you.

Our menu

100% FRESH, 100% HANDMADE!

The recipes we use at ANJOY part of a long family tradition. My grandma started cooking for my family, using elaborate recipes with influence from the French colonialists. Our menu offers Pomelo-salad, minced meat wrapped in areca-leaves, grilled goat-meat, prawn covered in homemade rice-salt and many additional treats from the Vietnamese cuisine.

Brunch at Anjoy

Delicacies in abundance.

Anjoy our brunch on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Restaurant Anjoy in Prenzlauer Berg.
Enjoy a rich buffet with Vietnamese specialities and much more.
Adults - 20 Euro
Children up to 10 years - 10 Euro
Drinks are not included in the price.

Flying Noodles


Experience the spectacular flying noodles – only at ANJOY. They are not just tasty and gorgeous – We offer you a completely new food experience. Let’s get excited by this extraordinary noodlestyle we created with our passion for unique food-adventures – first made at ANJOY Restaurant! Come in and let the flying noodles enchant you.



If you want to make a reservation or get a non-binding offer for a party, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to arrange your dinner at ANJOY. We’re always at your service.

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